We are Mecca
We are Mecca, we put rose petals on your coffee and we sprinkle sumac on freshly ground falafel. We love exploring, combining and reinventing new flavour combinations in both food and drinks. We love the space we created where food and drink is combined with a way of life: the sharing of different cultures, coming together, sharing food and drinks. On most days we feel more like a family home, a community of like minded people than a restaurant.
Our fully vegetarian kitchen is inspired by the streets of the middle east. Combined with drinks from all over the silk route we do our best to create healthy, vibrant and colourful food. Like our silky smooth Hummus, a sparkling Passion pepper lemonade or a Kashmiri chai. We make all our dishes and drinks from scratch and carefully choose the best ingredients. Always looking for the freshest, tastiest and preferably organic produce.
No reservations!